If you are an enthusiastic traveller who frequently goes on road trips, you would probably understand the convenience of travelling in a caravan. Not only is it spacious and makes you feel at home even though you may be on the road, it doubles up as a tent so you don’t have to worry about sleeping on the hard ground. Caravans have become quite popular amongst frequent travellers, especially those that like to travel by road. They are also great when you are travelling with the entire family. However, if caravans have a defect, then it’s with the cooling system. Caravans can become very hot, especially when you are travelling through warm areas. A good way to reduce this problem is by getting a small caravan air conditioner. It can greatly improve your travelling experience and are usually more effective than simply keeping the windows open.

While caravans do have windows that can help cool the interior, these are often ineffective in hot regions. If you’ve been in a heated caravan before, you may be aware that the temperature inside is much higher than the outside temperature (even in summer)! This often causes discomfort in when travelling in summer. While many caravan owners have tried to remedy this problem by using small portable fans, it is often ineffective. This is because fans simply blow the hot air around without providing any cooling effect. A small caravan air cooler can help keep the temperature down and usually has a long lasting effect, even when you turn it off. Unlike fans, they do not make any noise and are suitable for use while sleeping. Although a small air conditioner is perfect for keeping your caravan cool, it is important to choose a quality supplier to ensure that you don’t run into repairing issues during your trip.

Small caravan air conditioners are optimized for caravans. They are lightweight and do not consume as much power as normal air conditioners. They also come in various sizes, according to your preferences. You can choose between a built in model and a portable model. You can also have the option for your air cooler to be mounted on the roof or walls, according to your individual taste. You should also be careful when choosing an air conditioner to see whether it has an option of adjusting the humidity as well. Hot temperatures are manageable, but humidity can cause discomfort even when the temperature is moderate. Good 12 volt portable air conditioner will ideally have a heating system as well. This can help keep your caravan warm during winter trips as well. As with any major appliance, choosing the right supplier that provides a good warranty can make all the difference.